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2011 Events of (possible) interest to Lolitas

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May. 16th, 2011 | 01:45 pm
posted by: xlightbringerx in acen_gosurori

Most events last an hour, but check the official schedule for sure.


2:30pm - Naoto Hirooka (h.Naoto) autographs, Exhibit Hall

3pm - Steampunk Treasure Hunters, Panels 4
3pm - Takarazuka Revue, Panels 6

4:30 - Sixh Q&A, Panels G2

5:30pm - Members of Sixh autographs, Exhibit Hall

6pm - h.Naoto Q&A, Panels G2
6pm - Sew Loli: I Can't Believe It's Not Brand!, Panels 7


8am - Rock 'n' Lol, Panels 6

11am - Growing Up Lolita, Panels 6

12pm - Khaotic Kouture (fashion show), Main Programming (Calling card game freezes for the show)*

12:30pm - A Guide to Pullips, Panels 7

1pm - Sixh, Main Programming

1:30pm - h.Naoto, Main Programming
1:30pm - EGL Photoshoot, Garden

2pm - Gore Effects with Makeup, Panels 4 (maybe gurololis would like it?)

3pm - Yoshiki Q&A, Panels G1
3pm - Asian Ball-jointed Dolls, Panels 7

4pm - Jrock Heaven, Panels 9

5:30 - Yoshiki autographs, Exhibit Hall

7pm - Maiden in the Forest: Charming Fashions of Japan, Panels 4


??pm - Ball-Jointed Dolls meetup, Dome Area?**

12:30pm - Lolita Swap Meet & Picnic, East Outdoor Wall (END of calling card game)

2pm - Alice In Wonderland meetup, Garden

Click here for the complete schedule (minus meetups and photoshoots).

*The game freezes when Lolitas start meeting backstage for the show. I'm not sure if it resumes after Khaotic Kouture or after h.Naoto though.

**For whatever reason, the meetups schedule has been removed and I don't remember when the BJD meetup is, so you'll have to check the printed schedule if it's in there. But I believe it's in the dome area some time before our swap meet? EDIT: See comments for clarification.

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From: xlightbringerx
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