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Calling Card Game (edited 5/13)


Do you like meeting new people? Do you often leave a con wishing you'd remembered the name of that lolita wearing that stunning coordination? Do you like games, or at least fabulous prizes? Then have I got the event for you!

The name of the game is Calling Card Tag.

From now and until the 13th of May (the day before acen starts), participants must register as a player and design one business/calling card. Because not everyone will be able to make it to artemiscangee's picnic/swap meet on Sunday, the game will end on Saturday, 6:30 pm at the H.Naoto/Hangry and Angry Panel, which is located at the Hyatt (Saturday's always the biggest day).

There will be no card trading during the panel. As soon as the panel is over, everyone with cards must stay behind to do a card-count, and the lolita with the most cards received wins a prize. The Prize will remain a mystery until that evening, but I promise that it'll be good. :)
acen schdule:
When creating your business/calling card, please apply this info:

ACEN Lolita Calling Card Game
Real Name:
LJ-User Name:
Email Address (optional):
"Meet & Greet other lolitas and I at the H.Naoto/Hangry & Angry panel, Sat. 6 pm, Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Programming 2, Rosemont CD 550"

You may leave comments and suggestions here, but if you want to participate, email me at

In the subject space, put: CCgame/(your lj user name)
In the message space, fill in the calling card info from above with your name and such, and post/upload a photo of your calling card. (edited) And yes, you will need to put the quote above (about meeting and greeting lolitas) someplace where the recipient will see it - be it on the back of the card or the gift bag itself. I doubt that forgeries will be involved, but it's probably best to play it safe, and I can easily check whose card is whom that evening (I'll have printed copies in an album with me).

Not many people know how I look like, so if you need to find me during/after the panel, I will be wearing a Deadmau5 helmet
Deadmau5 Pictures, Images and Photos

As long as you can fit all that info on your card (you can write it on the back if there isn't enough room), you can make it as big or small as you want (okay... minimum is 2 X 3-1/2 inches). You may make the font as pretty as you want, but be sure that the FONT IS LEGIBLE! At places like cons, people tend to lose things, and people tend to trade contact info among other new friends - and so, I highly suggest attaching the card with a little gift bag (or you can put it inside) - feel free to add any little gifts inside (ex: sweets, stickers, bubbles, brooches, etc), this way people participating will still have little prizes, there's a tendency not to lose calling cards when little gifts are involved, and it'll make the idea of trading each other's contact info more unique.

(edit) Make from 20-30 of these cards w/giftbags

If you have any questions, put them here - don't email me unless you're registering :)

Good luck!
-Lily the Frilly

p.s: kudos to anyone who got the Friday the 13th reference xD

List of Those Who've I've Received cards files from:
♥ burnt_tuna
♥ aonele
♥ aerie_star
♥ ninamori_san
♥ kyttkyee
♥ Elerronyar
♥ TheOsakaKoneko
♥ Vomitrocity
♥ cutechemist
♥ paillettes

All entry is closed! Thank you everyone for your submissions! I'll see ya'll frillies this weekend 8D
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